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The IRO is led by the Independent Review Officer, Simon Cohen. The work of the IRO is conducted by the specialists below.

IRO’s Office

The Independent Review Officer’s office provides personnel, procurement and governance support for the IRO.


The Solutions Group (Solutions) solves complaints by injured persons about the acts and omissions of workers compensation and motor accident insurers, and matters referred from ILARS for early solutions. Solutions also provides response to enquiries from injured persons.


The Independent Legal Assistance and Review Service (ILARS) oversees the provision of Lawyers to assist injured workers to understand and pursue their workers compensation entitlements. ILARS identify matter appropriate for early solutions.

Strategy, Policy & Support

The Strategy, Policy & Support Group (SPS) provides financial, information technology and records management support for the IRO. SPS also provides a whole-of-system perspective for statutory personal injury schemes including through analysing data and supporting community and stakeholder education and engagement.

Diagram of high level business structure