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Complaints by Workers

Schedule 5 Part 4 of the Personal Injury Commission Act 2020 empowers IRO with the function of dealing with complaints about any act or omission (including any decision or failure to decide) of an insurer that affects the entitlements, rights or obligations of the claimant” under the workers compensation legislation or motor accident legislation.

Complaints by injured persons are managed by the Solutions Group at IRO. The Solutions Group deals with a complaint by contacting the insurer to confirm the matters raised by the injured person. IRO also asks insurers for supporting documents. For example, IRO will ask for copies of correspondence sent by the insurer or other internal documents. It is a condition of an insurer’s licence that the insurer comply with a request for the provision of information under Schedule 5.

Complaint Handling Protocol

IRO has developed an enquiry and complaint handling protocol setting out the practices and procedures of the Solutions Group. A copy of the protocol is available here.

Meeting with IRO

The Solutions Group regularly meets with insurers to discuss trends and issues based on our observations in complaint handling. We can also tailor specific reports relating to the function of individual insurers. If you are an insurer and you are interested in meeting with the Solutions Group, contact 139 476 or email